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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th: Cherry Pop

Sorry it has been ages since my last post, but I have been so busy with my big move and finishing up my house (more before and after pictures to come). Here is my outfit of the day, which i noticed, after putting it together, is completely thrifted. I would love to have a tv show, or magazine column, where I create outfits for people only shopping thrift stores and goodwills. As I get more and more experienced in shopping these treasure troves, I become more amazed at what great things you can find! Maybe I can give it a try on here and see how it goes! Until then here is my unintentional all-thrifted outfit:
red cotton dress: Goodwill-$5
turquoise pendant necklace: garage sale- $1
Rainbow vintage wedges: etsy- $10
nailpolish: Revlon "minted"- $4

I love red with a pop of turquoise. This red cotton dress is a great summer staple that you can accessorize many different ways, and its extremely comfortable on top of all that. I added the multicolored shoes which brought the two bright colors together. To top everything off I have to discuss my new favorite nailpolish, "minted", which is a light turquoisy-green made by revlon, and i think it looks great with just about everything, especially with a tan.

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