Sunday, August 1, 2010

My First House: Decorating on a Budget

Hello everyone! I have been busy working at the house for the past week and am slowly moving furniture in and getting decorated! Here are some pictures of our study before and after:



Paint really makes all the difference when dealing with a dark room of wood paneling. I am absolutely in love with the turquoise color I chose for this room, and the painted paneling turned out even better than I imagined. Painting the trim and ceiling a fresh coat of white also makes a huge difference! I found the couch at the habitat store, which just happened to have a great vintage flower print with turquoise flowers that matched the wall perfectly. I also found a large shelf at the habitat store and painted it white to hold our printer, computer supplies, and books. I like that the shelf has all kinds of different shaped compartments that I can accessorize differently! Next, I added my album rack with record player, and a side table for the couch. Finally I added some wall decor and accessories! The couch is the most expensive thing in the room at around $100, but everything else is under $30!

Couch: Thrifted from Habitat Restore- $110
Wicker mirror : Goodwill-$14 (spray painted white)
4 gold wall decorations: Goodwill - $3 (partially painted turquoise with craft paint)
Wall paint- Valspar "Fresh Mist"-$24

Glass and gold side table: Goodwill - $5.75
Turquoise retro coasters with holder: Lexington Peddler's Mall- $7
Turquoise lamp: TJMaxx- $29.99



White bookshelf: Habitat Restore- $14.50
Album rack: An Antique Affair monthly antique show- $15

Album: $1
Set of 3 white baskets: TJMaxx- $12.99

Owl bookends: garage sale- $1 (originally wood, spray painted white)

White birdcage: Salvation Army- $1.49
Vintage Flower picture: garage sale- $2
Blue candle: TJMaxx- $4.99

Vintage Italy puzzle: Salvation Army- $1.50

2 mirrors: Goodwill- $0.50 each (one spray painted turquoise)
Sailboat tray: Estate sale- $1

White striped jar: garage sale-$0.50
2 turquoise baskets: goodwill-$0.50

Album: $1
small turquoise lamp: Goodwill- $3.50

3 Gold mirrors: $0.50 each
2 Gold wall decorations: $0.50

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