Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Double Bathroom Re-Do

I officially have bought my own house and its time to start the renovations and decorating!
First up are the two bathrooms, which like much of the rest of the house, need a major facelift. Here are some before pictures, inspiration pictures, and what items I'm starting with to begin the bathroom redo. After pictures to come soon!


I'm really glad this little shelf was left behind.
I'm definately going to paint it a bright color
and use it somewhere in the bathroom.

We deep cleaned the bathroom today, it already looks much better than here. Next up, PAINT!


{Coastal Living}

{Coastal Living}

My theme for the hall bathroom is citrus colors. The walls will be a light yellowy-orange (very similar to the coastal living rooms). The cabinet under the sink will be replaced and painted a bright yellow or green. We will also be getting a new toilet, shower head, and sink faucet. I will be wallpapering the inside of the medicine cabinet with this vintage wallpaper:

Next I will be making a double layer shower curtain using this lime green pair of vintage curtains

with a bit of these vintage sheets poking out underneath:

I also got this cute vintage trashcan to go in the bathroom!

My Bathroom-BEFORE:

My bathroom now has the same color pink tile and I absolutely love it, so I was so happy my new bathroom also has retro pink tile! For this bathroom I will also be getting a new toilet, replacing the shower head, and taking down the cabinet above the toilet and replacing it with a newer white cabinet unit.


Love the idea of attaching a giant clip to the wall to
hang a bright album! You could even layer several clips and
use them to hold magazines!

After seeing this picture I might replace my boring medicine
with a pretty mirror! I have plenty of other places for storage anyways!

These two photos are from Mabel's House blog. I love the pops of turquoise color and great vintage floral window treatments!

I am going to use this vintage sheet set to make a shower curtain as well as a little skirt to go under the sink (since there is no cabinet under there). I like that the sheets have the light pink that is in the tile, but also some bright pink and yellow. I am going to paint the walls the darker pink color seen in the sheets. My adjoining bedroom will be painted the yellow color and my bedspread has pink and yellow roses, so everything will flow together. After all this is done, I just have a little more accessorizing to do in both bathrooms (the most fun part!) and then I will be posting my AFTER pictures!

AND TO END... I just had to post the most beautiful vintage bathroom I came across.. in the words of Rachel Zoe- I DIED!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Audrey's Closet: How to mix and match prints

This year for your 4th of July outfit, take a cue from our own American flag, and try mixing and matching prints. Below you can see pictures of 2 outfits I created using clothing from my workplace Street Scene. You can always wear more than one print in your outfit if you just follow a few simple rules:

This first 4th of July outfit shows how you can even add an extra bright color in with your red, white, and blue to make your outfit extra summery! There are actually 3 different prints in this outfit: first the shirt is a small red and white gingham, the tube top underneath is yellow and white striped, and the skirt is an all over red, white, blue and yellow flower print.
So what makes this outfit work?

1. Choose 1 busy print: all the prints are around the same size and flow well together. The skirts is very busy with lots of colors and patterns, while the two tops only have two colors and simple patterns that compliment the skirt, but don't overpower it.

2. The colors match exactly: in order to mix and match prints, all the colors in the different prints must match exactly. In this outfit, all the reds and yellow are bright, and all the blues are a navy shade.

3. Accessories balance out colors: from the headband, to the necklace, to the bangles all the accessories add the right pop of color where needed. For example there is no navy blue in either of the tops, but a little pop of navy in the necklace ties together the entire outfit. I also added a green and white flower brooch to the necklaces, since the skirt features some small green and white flowers.

3 prints = 1 fabulously fun 4th of July outfit!

This outfit features an amazing stars and stripe skirt paired with a gingham western shirt, a navy bandana for a headband, and some red, white, and blue beads. This outfit also follows my 3 style rules for mixing and matching prints:

1. Choose 1 busy print: Once again the skirt features the busy pattern that is quite a bit larger than the small red and white gingham in the western shirt. The shirt almost becomes a solid against the large print of the skirt.

2. The colors match exactly: The red in the gingham shirt corresponds perfectly with the red stripes in the skirt. The navy bandana used as a headband also matches the navy bars in the skirt.

3. Accessories balance out colors: Since the top is only red and white, navy accessories balance out the top and allow it to make sense with the red, white, and navy mix in the skirt.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Accessory Designs Available at Street Scene

Bracelet made with vintage green lace and pink flower earrings

Vintage fabric flower necklaces $15

owl bracelet $12

bobbypin set $8

bobbypin set $8

vintage fabric flower headband $12

vintage fabric nautical bow headband $12

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Decorating Tips: 4 New Ways to Use Mirrors

How To Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors aren't simply just for looking at your reflection anymore, but have become one of the easiest, and most beautiful ways to transform any space. Mirrors are easy to find, come in all shapes and sizes, and can be painted to fit with any room decor. I have chosen to share 4 different ways that I use mirrors to decorate my home. All of the mirrors you see being used have come either from goodwill or garage sales, and are now being utilized with a little cleaning and paint.

#1: Create a Focal Point
My dining room wall.

Collect mirrors that you love in all shapes and sizes, paint them all the same color or different, and design a balanced arrangement to create an easy focal point for any room.

#2: Create a Centerpiece
Above my bed in my bedroom

One or multiple mirrors can also be used to create a centerpiece or separator between picture frames, windows, letters, or even above a door. When creating a centerpiece, size is the most important aspect when choosing a mirror. The mirror in the middle should not overpower, or compete with the objects beside, or around it.

#3: Create a Pop of Color

my bedroom

Paint a mirror with an unexpected color, or the accent color of your room, to add just the right amount of pop to any area.

#4: Create Depth
jewelry area in my bedroom

Layer one or more mirrors behind a variety of objects to create depth and enlarge the space in your room. It is fine for objects to overlap or obstruct parts of the mirror, the reflections will still be effective in creating depth.

Some more inspiring ways to use mirrors:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Best of Summer Movie Nights: All Around the World

Summer 2007: Beach Movie Night

To decorate our table for beach night, I used a straw beach mat as a table cloth, some brightly colored sand castle molds and plenty of candles. We had goldfish, fruit skewers, popcorn, and of course bright drinks with umbrellas!

Bay and I pose with our drinks and some sand toys.

Our activities for the night included a short hula hooping and limbo session.

Marci and Lyn relaxing on the hammock in their tropical frocks.

Gina, Bay, and Nicci also relaxing on the hammock.

All of us girls form a conga line for one of our favorite movie night pictures ever!

Summer 2008: French Movie Night

Bailey and Gina toast with their sparkling French blueberry lemonade.

Gina posing for a "French countryside" look.

Our movie for the night was "Charade," which is set in Paris, and stars the magnificent Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant.

Marci looking very French in her red beret and matching dress.

Our beautiful centerpiece for our table.

Gina made some delicious French crepes for our dessert.

Gina, Nicci, and Marci posing in their lovely Paris-inspired outfits.

All of us girls posing for some photos together.

Summer 2008: Italian Night

One of our favorite movie nights of all time thrown in honor of Bailey's birthday, as well as a going-away party for Marci, who was studying abroad in Italy the next semester. We had a full Italian dinner with pastas, bread and olive oil, desserts, and every flavor of sparkling Italian soda ever imagined.

Marci and Bailey pose for a picture at dinner.

Bay and I toast before dinner.

Some of our delicious sparkling Italian sodas.

Bailey even made Cannolis, which were SO delicious. We enjoyed them while watching our movie.

All of us girls (minus Marci and Lyn) gathered around our Italian dinner table.

Our appetizer was a lovely blend of frozen fruit and juice, along with plenty of garlic bread with olive oil and spices.

Tunes for the evening were provided by possibly my favorite album of all time "Italian Love Songs" by the incomparable Dean Martin.

Gina and I sampling some different Italian sodas before the movie.

Our movie for the evening, of course, was "Roman Holiday."

Beautiful Audrey.

Raising a toast to our final movie night of 2008, and one of the most memorable of all time.

Summer 2009: Grecian Movie Night

Our drink area with music from the Mamma Mia soundtrack (our movie for the night).

For our food, we had some greek cheese dips with pita chips and vegetables.

We also had flatbread with olive oil and spices.

Bailey invented her own delicious dessert with angel food cake, fruit, and cream filling.

Bailey and I posing by the tiki torches in our Grecian dresses.

Gina, Bailey, and Marci posing with some Grecian leaves.

Summer 2009: Fiesta Movie Night

For our fiesta-themed party, we had quesadillas, chips with salsa and queso, margarita parfaits, and Mexican Jarritos soft drinks.

I love this fiesta-themed tablecloth I found at an estate sale. I also got some other fun decorations at the party store including this honeycomb sombrero.

Our favorite Jarritos!

Bailey brought her quesadilla maker, and we set up our own quesadilla bar.

We even got a mini pinata filled with candy!

The infamous bubble machine made an appearance for some photos.

Our music for the night came from this vintage Latin Dance Party album.

Shake your maracas!