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Monday, June 28, 2010

Audrey's Closet: How to mix and match prints

This year for your 4th of July outfit, take a cue from our own American flag, and try mixing and matching prints. Below you can see pictures of 2 outfits I created using clothing from my workplace Street Scene. You can always wear more than one print in your outfit if you just follow a few simple rules:

This first 4th of July outfit shows how you can even add an extra bright color in with your red, white, and blue to make your outfit extra summery! There are actually 3 different prints in this outfit: first the shirt is a small red and white gingham, the tube top underneath is yellow and white striped, and the skirt is an all over red, white, blue and yellow flower print.
So what makes this outfit work?

1. Choose 1 busy print: all the prints are around the same size and flow well together. The skirts is very busy with lots of colors and patterns, while the two tops only have two colors and simple patterns that compliment the skirt, but don't overpower it.

2. The colors match exactly: in order to mix and match prints, all the colors in the different prints must match exactly. In this outfit, all the reds and yellow are bright, and all the blues are a navy shade.

3. Accessories balance out colors: from the headband, to the necklace, to the bangles all the accessories add the right pop of color where needed. For example there is no navy blue in either of the tops, but a little pop of navy in the necklace ties together the entire outfit. I also added a green and white flower brooch to the necklaces, since the skirt features some small green and white flowers.

3 prints = 1 fabulously fun 4th of July outfit!

This outfit features an amazing stars and stripe skirt paired with a gingham western shirt, a navy bandana for a headband, and some red, white, and blue beads. This outfit also follows my 3 style rules for mixing and matching prints:

1. Choose 1 busy print: Once again the skirt features the busy pattern that is quite a bit larger than the small red and white gingham in the western shirt. The shirt almost becomes a solid against the large print of the skirt.

2. The colors match exactly: The red in the gingham shirt corresponds perfectly with the red stripes in the skirt. The navy bandana used as a headband also matches the navy bars in the skirt.

3. Accessories balance out colors: Since the top is only red and white, navy accessories balance out the top and allow it to make sense with the red, white, and navy mix in the skirt.

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