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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Double Bathroom Re-Do

I officially have bought my own house and its time to start the renovations and decorating!
First up are the two bathrooms, which like much of the rest of the house, need a major facelift. Here are some before pictures, inspiration pictures, and what items I'm starting with to begin the bathroom redo. After pictures to come soon!


I'm really glad this little shelf was left behind.
I'm definately going to paint it a bright color
and use it somewhere in the bathroom.

We deep cleaned the bathroom today, it already looks much better than here. Next up, PAINT!


{Coastal Living}

{Coastal Living}

My theme for the hall bathroom is citrus colors. The walls will be a light yellowy-orange (very similar to the coastal living rooms). The cabinet under the sink will be replaced and painted a bright yellow or green. We will also be getting a new toilet, shower head, and sink faucet. I will be wallpapering the inside of the medicine cabinet with this vintage wallpaper:

Next I will be making a double layer shower curtain using this lime green pair of vintage curtains

with a bit of these vintage sheets poking out underneath:

I also got this cute vintage trashcan to go in the bathroom!

My Bathroom-BEFORE:

My bathroom now has the same color pink tile and I absolutely love it, so I was so happy my new bathroom also has retro pink tile! For this bathroom I will also be getting a new toilet, replacing the shower head, and taking down the cabinet above the toilet and replacing it with a newer white cabinet unit.


Love the idea of attaching a giant clip to the wall to
hang a bright album! You could even layer several clips and
use them to hold magazines!

After seeing this picture I might replace my boring medicine
with a pretty mirror! I have plenty of other places for storage anyways!

These two photos are from Mabel's House blog. I love the pops of turquoise color and great vintage floral window treatments!

I am going to use this vintage sheet set to make a shower curtain as well as a little skirt to go under the sink (since there is no cabinet under there). I like that the sheets have the light pink that is in the tile, but also some bright pink and yellow. I am going to paint the walls the darker pink color seen in the sheets. My adjoining bedroom will be painted the yellow color and my bedspread has pink and yellow roses, so everything will flow together. After all this is done, I just have a little more accessorizing to do in both bathrooms (the most fun part!) and then I will be posting my AFTER pictures!

AND TO END... I just had to post the most beautiful vintage bathroom I came across.. in the words of Rachel Zoe- I DIED!

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