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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Decorating Tips: 4 New Ways to Use Mirrors

How To Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors aren't simply just for looking at your reflection anymore, but have become one of the easiest, and most beautiful ways to transform any space. Mirrors are easy to find, come in all shapes and sizes, and can be painted to fit with any room decor. I have chosen to share 4 different ways that I use mirrors to decorate my home. All of the mirrors you see being used have come either from goodwill or garage sales, and are now being utilized with a little cleaning and paint.

#1: Create a Focal Point
My dining room wall.

Collect mirrors that you love in all shapes and sizes, paint them all the same color or different, and design a balanced arrangement to create an easy focal point for any room.

#2: Create a Centerpiece
Above my bed in my bedroom

One or multiple mirrors can also be used to create a centerpiece or separator between picture frames, windows, letters, or even above a door. When creating a centerpiece, size is the most important aspect when choosing a mirror. The mirror in the middle should not overpower, or compete with the objects beside, or around it.

#3: Create a Pop of Color

my bedroom

Paint a mirror with an unexpected color, or the accent color of your room, to add just the right amount of pop to any area.

#4: Create Depth
jewelry area in my bedroom

Layer one or more mirrors behind a variety of objects to create depth and enlarge the space in your room. It is fine for objects to overlap or obstruct parts of the mirror, the reflections will still be effective in creating depth.

Some more inspiring ways to use mirrors:

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