Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Best of Summer Movie Nights: The Decades

The thing my friends and I have become most well-known for is our invention of "Summer Movie Nights." The idea was created from our love of themes, movies, dressing up, and documenting all of this with looooottts of pictures! Every summer since freshman year of college, we hold about 5-6 extravagant movie nights, each one with a different theme corresponding to a movie. We watch the movies usually in my backyard, projecting them on the side of the house. For our movie nights everything is in theme: our outfits, choice of foods and drinks, music, and decor. I am going to use the next couple of posts to relive the best of our summer movie nights beginning with our Decade Themes.

Our first movie night ever: 50's Cocktail Party Summer 2007

All the girls in their cocktail frocks with our delicious drinks!

A sampling of our table for the night

Marci lounging and enjoying the movie

Our movie of the night: Wait Until Dark starring Audrey Hepburn (one of my favorite movies of all time)

Me relaxing listening to some vintage albums

80's MOVIE NIGHT: Summer 2009

Footloose was our movie of the night, we broke out in spontaneous dancing several times while watching the movie.

All of us in our 80s outfits. We held this movie night in Marci's basement, where she has an awesome home theater.

Bailey and Nicci giving an interesting pose to the camera.

Dancing to some 80's tunes.

70's movie night: summer 2009

We sat on the floor, shared all kinds of fondue, and had one of the most memorable disco dance parties of all time!

BEST DECADE MOVIE NIGHT: 60's Night- Summer 2009
60s Night: Started with dinner and milkshakes at the fabulously retro Parkette Restaurant, then to my house for a drive-in movie, "That Thing You Do!"

We had so much fun at the Parkette, we have decided to make a return trip again this year! Of course we made quite a scene in our 60s outfits, posing for pictures all over the parking lot!

All of us girls in our 60's attire piled in Nicci's blue convertible!

Marci enjoying a root beer float at the Parkette!

Bailey with her delicious dinner.

Bay serving up some snacks and drinks back at my house for the movie.

Our very own drive-in movie!

We had plenty of coke and crush in bottles with these adorable daisy straws!

Bay and Marci enjoying some refreshing Orange Crush!

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  1. love love love!! these movie nights are the best idea we have ever had! I am so sad I will be missing out on all the fun this summer :( But take mucho pictures so I can feel like I am there!