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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shabby Chic

I have recently gotten really into shabby chic decorating. I love the mix of beat up vintage pieces with super fancy objects, like chandeliers and antique mirrors. Everything in these rooms always looks so cozy, and even though I love to use tons of bright colors in decorating, I'm really loving the all-white look. Here are some of my favorite shabby chic rooms:
I just love glass doors on kitchen cabinets so you can see everything inside.

so cozy!-A window seat in a kitchen, packed with patterned pillows!
I really like how this room is separated into two separate sitting areas. And of course that bright white fireplace covered with molding, gives the room an amazing centerpiece.

Love the mixture of cream with bright white in this room! and especially those dining room chairs!

Such a sweet, perfect bedroom, love to see the lights reflecting off of that beautiful vanity. Also may steal the idea of displaying vintage purses on the wall!

All white with just a pop of floral color!

Such a cute workspace, love the idea of putting a work table in the center of the room, and using vintage fabric to create an adorable skirt for an old table (that way you can hide even more stuff underneath!).

And this has to be my dream studio, love the colors and huge white hutch stuffed with stacked linens and fabric.


  1. I'm also a big fan of Heather Bailey's studio space. I tend to be more drawn to retro candy colors and cutesy decorating schemes, but something about shabby chic has always caught my eye. It's one of those decorating schemes that I love even though I'm not sure I could ever fully commit to it. And, trying to be hubby friendly, I'll probably keep the candy colors to my studio and kitchen and go a bit more sleek and simple elsewhere.

  2. So proud of you Emily and loved the Shabby Chic, I remember we did that in my spare bedroom and probably need a little more so whenever you get a chance ley us look at it and decide what more has to be done. I am also thinking of panting the small bedroom and removing the wallpaper. Need your input. I love you. Momsie